2.3.16 Hexen

Hexen #

Common Nomenclature Ethyl-Hexedrone
Street & Reference Names N-Ethyl-Hexedrone; NEH; Hex-en;
Reference Dosage Threshold 5mg+; Light 15mg+; Common 30mg+; Strong 40mg+ Heavy 50mg+ [Psychonautwiki]
Light 10mg+; Common 25mg+ Strong 40mg+ [The Drug Classroom]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration 15 Minutes / 3 Hours
Maximum Dose Experienced 82mg (10+10+10+10+10+8+8+8+8)
Form Powder
RoA Insufflated
Source / Jurisdiction Dealer / Overseas


Although it was referenced in the 1960’s, hexen wasn’t synthesised until 2011. It finally began to appear on the markets towards the end of 2015. Frequently presented as a short acting cathinone with relatively limited residue-stimulation, it rapidly became popular, particularly in the United States

As heavy redosing and compulsive binging is often referred to on Internet forums, I take particular care in this area. As a precautionary barrier, I set aside the maximum I am prepared to sample during this session, and place the rest of the supply well beyond reach.

I divide 50mg into 5 lines of 10mg each. Whether I snort them all depends upon how the afternoon rolls. I place another 32mg in a drawer, in case I decide to extend into the evening.

82mg will therefore be the absolute maximum I can sample today, with a built-in decision point at 50mg.

T+0:00 I insufflate 10mg. [3:15pm]

T+0:15 I feel an ever-so-slight stimulation, and I am noticeably warmer. Noting that I am around threshold at this stage, I decide to insufflate the next 10mg. This should take me into light territory, where I should feel something more pronounced.

T+0:45 The previous 30 minutes have flown by. Granted, I was busy installing software, but nonetheless, it whizzed. I feel stimulated and quite happy. As the first 10mg must be fully effective, I insufflate a third line, taking the overall dose to 30mg.

I notice that there is some jaw tension, and that my pupils are slightly dilated.

T+1:00 The experience seems to have settled on to a plateau now. I feel pretty good, with slight euphoria, and I am definitely stimmed, and warm.

I feel the sense of a slight headache in the background, but it isn’t sufficient to cause discomfort.

T+1:15 I am quite buzzed and elevated, but not flying. Certainly, I am functional in the sense that I could perform any task required. However, I am well aware that I am wired and I am happy to roll with it.

As it is 30 minutes since the last line, I decide to insufflate the fourth. I am now up to 40mg in total.

Is there any horn? Yes, there is. It is not up to methamphetamine or amphetamine levels, but it is strong, and fully available. Those forum posts on extended porn binges do make sense.

T+1:30 The experience is now slightly more intense than earlier. I am consciously drinking water to keep my fluid intake high, as I am still warm and obviously pumping.

T+1:45 I insufflate the fifth 10mg line. I am now on 50mg, having consumed the whole of the primary batch.

T+2:00 I am well in control of myself and riding on a pleasant plateau. My pupils remain semi dilated.

There is no doubt that I am enjoying the experiment. This has an edge that makes it very recreational, whilst enabling normal functionality to varying levels of capability.

T+2:45 I am still rolling at the same level but I feel a sense of being slightly weary.

As I feel no ill-effects I take the decision to extend. I insufflate 8mg of the optional 32mg batch, splitting the remainder into three equal lines.

T+3:30 As I feel I am tiring again, at least mentally, I insufflate another 8mg, and then another 8mg 30 minutes later.

T+4:15 I insufflate the final 8mg of the secondary batch. The pre-ordained limit of 82mg has now been reached.

I can see how some people binge on this and consume ridiculous amounts. It is very moreish, yet the comparatively painless snorting gives the impression that it is mild, which isn’t the case.

It is now 7:30pm. I hope to slowly come-down from here and land towards midnight, and in theory, have a good night’s sleep.

T+6:45 It is now 10pm, so as a harm mitigation measure, I eat a bowl of muesli and drink a glass of orange juice.

At 11pm I retire to bed.

The night’s sleep was not good, or at least, the first part of it wasn’t. I lay tossing and turning for several hours, and could only fall into slumber by taking 1mg of etizolam, which worked well.

In the morning I suffered the usual hangover symptoms. I felt mentally drained and distant, and tired.

I felt nothing like as bad as I did following my forays with some of the infamous hangover stims, or even with MDMA, but regardless, this was a major factor for much of the day. I suspect that had I continued to binge this could have been significantly worse.

I undertook the classic program for recovery, including vitamin pills, 5-HTP, exercise and food.

Hexen is often considered to be relatively forgiving, or even benign. I would suggest emphasis on the word relatively. At high doses, it can certainly take its toll, and the urge to redose is definitely strong.

This is not a drug not to take liberties with. The gentle climb and overall placidity can be deceptive. Note also that was one of those occasions upon which I retrospectively believe I dosed too highly.